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Zombie Cactus!

Selling since 11th Apr 2011
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About the Design

Looking for an indoor plant and leafy companion? Look no further than the Zombie Cactus! As a low maintenance alternative, the Zombie Cactus survives on fewer brains than most zombie household plants whilst providing vivid color and soft atmospheric groans to any indoor space. The Zombie Cactus is grown in a thrice-fired ceramic pot, complete with brain motif and is delivered directly to your door. Get yours today!"

2 Product Reviews
evil-santa commented on 1st Sep 2011  

A small Zombie Cactus horde arrived on my doorstep last week. The figure is surprsingly heavy and robust and the paintjob is fairly reasonable and consistent across the five that I recieved. There was no damage in the shipping process as each figure is styrofoam-packed into a box of it's own.

The figure has a very good attention to detail and bears a remarkable resemblence to the original painted design in form, colour and expression. The only downside to the process of ordering is the expensive shipping costs to Australia. The figure makes a good conversational piece for an office desk and fits in nicely with the other collectable toys in the house. Great job Patchtogether. Thanks for giving me the chance to design and make something truly special.

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MeowFoolery commented on 4th Aug 2011  

Zombie Cactus arrived at my house today. it's just awesome! I got it for someone's birthday. it's so cute and detailed, I snapped a few pictures. It just makes you smile :-)

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