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Yenny Lopez

Selling since 22nd Feb 2010
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From the online comic "Yenny" www.yennylopez.com YENNY is a beautiful young girl who dreams of becoming a famous model. The only problem is, she’s got enormous feet. As she waits to be accepted into the prestigious CARIZZIO modeling school, YENNY experiences a never-ending host of crazy adventures filled with humor, love, music and the dreams of youth. Come to Villa Los Kubos beach, where YENNY lives with her iguana, ZACHA, the little turtle named BUKE, her crazy friends and her mother, YUNISSA, under the hot Puerto Rican sun.

2 Product Reviews
edsambo commented on 24th Nov 2010  

I have to agree with Bombers, while I absolutely love the statue, I also received mine broken.  OK, I glued the hair, fingers and the whole model back onto it's base but the broken pieces had chipped some of the paint work on her face and boobs, which I can't fix.

This is such a shame as the attention to detail is great and the model is so Yenny!

I was thinking of ordering the new model;  it would be nice to have some sort of assurance that a new packing method would be used for these models so that a repeat of recieving broken ones does not occur.

Bombers commented on 24th Sep 2010  

I love all the effort put into the statue... the only trouble is that I received mine broken... Both pony tails and her index finger broken off and rolling around in their styrfoam casing.

I can take having received it 7 months late because of understandable delays... but not having it broken in pieces on top of having it 7 months late...

Just imagine the emotion of a person reacting to something they've been waiting more than half a year to recieve only to find that object in pieces... Yeah, that would be my reaction to this.

So much for paying for the pre-order price too... :( 

I'm terribly dissapointed...

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