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Vapore Macchina Insetto

Selling since 11th Dec 2010
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Height : 3 inch
Medium : Resin
Price: $69.95  
About the Design

It is the year 1852. It has been 30 years since the start of the Great War. Already it feels like two lifetimes. At first there was hope that we would be able to stop the invasion. However our Flying steam fortresses are no match for their tanks and our defenses are falling quickly. I fear we don’t have much time. Our good Queen Victoria has been escorted to safety and is in hiding. I hope we have the means to keep her safe.

I have locked myself in my study in hopes of creating a new device that could turn the tides in this bloody war. Instead of military might I have come up with a small “information gathering device†that will benefit us all. If this little spy can sneak through the enemy’s defenses and relay back to use precious information we might still have a chance.

. . . Oh no, I heard the main gates of my house have smashed in. Am I too late with this? You will find the schematics for the “Vapore Mecchina Insetto†in this transmission. I pray that this information reaches my allies at PatchTogether and they can begin production before we lose all hope.

. . . . Oh heavens, I hear them coming up the stairs. The feeble lock on my door will not hold out for very long.

This is goodbye then. I must destroy my personal computing device lest the enemy forces discover my plans. Stay strong my friends, we could win this yet.


7 Product Reviews
Polysoup commented on 27th Oct 2011  

Thank you Ciaphas!

Ciaphas commented on 21st Oct 2011  

Just got it today, Its uber cute and rather weighty. I'm letting the legs set after glueing. I'll be sure to post some screenies after all is said and done.


All in all, very pleased Poly.

Smash0r commented on 20th Jun 2011  

It didn't like my picture!  Trying again.

Attachment :-

Smash0r commented on 20th Jun 2011  

Got mine today!  I'm no photog either - but here's one of him stalking my dog :D

Polysoup commented on 19th Jun 2011  

Well as promised here are a few pictures to show off the quality and the scale. I'm not a photographer btw so someone with more skill could really show it off much better.

The legs need to be glued (they are labeled nicely and have little tabs to go into the body but best if they are glued. The figure comes with super glue). The wings come off with magnets. The paint on the figure is incredible. I wish I had a macro lens so you can really appreciate the subtle shadings in the "metal". Finally there's a photo to show scale.

Attachment :-

Polysoup commented on 16th Jun 2011  

I just got my figures in!! First of all, they came out better than I could have imagined. These guys weren't rushed when they were painted and assembled. He's heaver that I figured as well. And most of all he's larger than I was expecting too. Don't let the 3 inch figure size scare you off, He fills my palm easily with the translucent wings stretching out even further. I think it's the perfect scale. I'll get picture asap. I just moved and can't find my camera :(

Polysoup commented on 14th Jun 2011  

I just got confirmation that my account has been charged for this. Excited to see how they came out! I'll post pictures ASAP

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