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TUBE Ferret

Selling since 13th Nov 2009
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About the Design

Ferrets are a series of tubes. A sable and white design, pick your favourite flavour! Adorable beady eyes and realistic tube shaped body. Based on my original character designs for Sandro|Da|Cruz\'s "Ferret Dance" animation!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SN6pEVsq42A

4 Product Reviews
krishva commented on 26th Jun 2010  

Got the sable for my mom.  She loved it. c:

Synchra commented on 14th Jun 2010  

My tube ferrets came out awesome! They're just the right size. They sit next to my computer and stare everyone down. 8| I am a huge tube ferret fan as well. ;D 5 stars!!! * * * * *

GrayWolf commented on 13th Jun 2010  

Absolutely adorable figurine that I am very pleased with! The only thing that was a bit of a 'let down' (if you even want to call it that, it isn't that bad!) was that the figurine of the sable ferret doesn't really have a mask, but more two large dark circles around the eyes. I would have preferred a more defined mask.

Aside from that, and even with that, it is one beyond adorable figurine, and one I am very pleased to own :) Brightens my day every time I see it!

jillustrate commented on 18th Nov 2009  
thanks to everyone who purchased -- tube ferret went well over the preorder number needed to start production within the first day or two of sales [!!!], so ya'll should be seeing a prototype real soon!! :)
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