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The Shadowchild Figurine

Selling since 3rd Apr 2009
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Height : 7 inch
Medium : Resin
Price: $49.95   $39.95
About the Design

This the merged form of Rebecca and Charon from the hit webcomic Shadowgirls. The Shadowchild is a towering engine of destruction, crafted by the Elder God Nodens to combat threats from "outside". This design is by Shadowgirls artist Dave Reynolds. Read the comic here at

4 Product Reviews
wingedcat commented on 4th Aug 2011  

Just received Shadowchild today, my first PT order. Everything fit together smoothly, and it looks great sitting on my desk. The pictures don't indicate that it comes with a sword... a rather LARGE sword. I opted to not include it in the assembly as I felt the figure was cleaner without.

Being my first resin model I made a little mistake. When a bit of the glue ran from the arm on to the figure’s back, I tried to clean it up with a dab of alcohol and pulled up the paint right with it. Thankfully it’s not in a very noticeable area. There is nothing in the FAQs about proper assembly/care and the Forums are blank. A little information would have been appreciated. Heck, even the glue has all its instructions in Chinese, but I’m thankful they provided glue.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the design and quality of this figure. When another PT figure really catches my eye, I’m sure I’ll add to the collection.




Cherrycat commented on 23rd Apr 2010  

I'm having great difficulty getting the arms to fit.  I've tried scraping the paint off the pegs, but not joy.  I could just glue them where they are, but it would leave a noticeable gap.  Help??

ChouJunk commented on 4th Oct 2009  
Love the proportions! :O
Shilohs commented on 30th Sep 2009  
this is too awsome!
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