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Tentatigers are chimera like beasts with grumpy personalities. Their snake tails are actually quite friendly though. A great friend for your Foo Dog toy!

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Ilalin commented on 19th Sep 2010  

I received mine in the mail yesterday and it is fantastic. Wonderful work!

Lady-Nightshade commented on 14th Nov 2009  
Hey guys, if you want to repair the back toes on your tentatiger rather than sending them back. Use epoxy glue rather than superglue.

Superglue is just a mess and isn't as strong as epoxy. Go to a craft store and find a thing of E6000, follow the instructions and the claws should go on good as new.

Also, epoxy glue doesn't run like the superglue they provided, so you don't have to worry about "burns".
petersmom commented on 8th Nov 2009  
did not see the toy and box. but by pictures posted here,  if all damages are same : broken left  toes poking out styrofoam, it is clearly the styrofoam fitting problem: left toes not fit the space of styrofoam, caused by package factory. 

to avoid same damages again and again, PT should really inform the factory to face the problem and improve  the styrofoam fitting ( cutting to fit  toy part perfectly).
Cherrycat commented on 30th Oct 2009  
My T-tigger also came with a wounded left rear paw  :/  I thought about sending it back, but didn't want to bother with it.  I also tried to glue the claw back, with no success.  Thankfully, I only "burned" the underside of the paw.  Poor guy.  He did get a place of honor on my shelves, though  ;)
OmniSilence commented on 19th Oct 2009  
Absolutely love this figure, I was also anxiously awaiting his arrival, and when I opened his box his back left foot was poking through the styrofoam with a boo boo as well. Poor little Tentatiger, however I am very pleased with the PT guy's response!
Blue-Bengal commented on 19th Oct 2009  
I had the EXACT same breakage!  Tentatiggie needs booties for shipping!
Synchra commented on 19th Oct 2009  
Yeah some of my guys toes were broken too. I attempted to glue them back on with the superglue.. which resulted in my getting it all over his leg and "burning" his leg.. so I put a little band-aid on it. X3 I didn't think of sending it back... I took a photo of the damage before repairing it though.
Attachment :-

Blue-Bengal commented on 18th Oct 2009  
Just to inform buyers, the shippers aren't very kind to this toy so either inquire about more packing or be ready to send it back for a new toy if the toes are broken off.  
The toes seem to be quite fragile, that is if it's jostled or smashed.  So I would NOT recommend giving this to kids and making sure it's display location is secure from it falling.  PT is willing to swap out your Tentatiger with a new one if yours has broken toes.  Hopefully there's not too many Tentatiggies crying from their toes being bashed off.
Kirara commented on 6th Oct 2009  
I like this one the best, his colors are so cool and I love his little snake tail C:
ChouJunk commented on 4th Oct 2009  
Thumbs up on the person who made this by hand, super smexy! >:D
DR3X commented on 24th Sep 2009  
That's freakin 4wesome!!
KD commented on 22nd Sep 2009  
Love all of your products so far. :D
Synchra commented on 21st Sep 2009  
Oh Mr. Tentatiger, when will you grace my desk? :P
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