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Ridley Hooper

Selling since 18th Oct 2009
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About the Design

Ridley Hooper, the reluctant hero of Bob K.'s cult serial "Elsie Hooper" is now available as a Patch Together exclusive. Standing 7"  tall in stunning black and white, the detailed shotgun can be placed in his hand or slung over his shoulder, and the fabulous hot pink lawn flamingo can be put into his clenched fist or beside him in the deluxe sidewalk base. Ridley Hooper is the first in a limited run of Elsie Hooper figures, so get yours today! Others characters coming soon...


10 Product Reviews
MizuRei commented on 5th Nov 2009  
Wow, simply amazing! Absolutely love this design and sculpt.
Plustech commented on 4th Nov 2009  
I love the proportions on this one, great shapes.
ArtByAndy commented on 26th Oct 2009  
Very cool.
Chudwarrior commented on 22nd Oct 2009  
Blunderful! It's as if Ridley stepped right out of the comic.
Remarkable work, it looks just like him.
EvanT commented on 21st Oct 2009  
Nice. Thank you for being original
aido commented on 19th Oct 2009  
WOW!  Great job everyone involved with this figure!  Awesome scuplt, awesome design!
moomee commented on 18th Oct 2009  
this is great!
Fuhnora commented on 18th Oct 2009  
This is a fantastic design!!! I love the contrasting flamingo. Haha! Bravo.
Pez-Banana commented on 18th Oct 2009  
this is AMAZING! ... hey i'm glad to see more custom work showing up... i checked out the comic. a bit reminiscent of Mike Mignola but i guess that's ok, the art is great and i love that it's in stark black and white.
Paint commented on 18th Oct 2009  
This is pretty snazzy lookin'. : D
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