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Grrrr, i have always wanted a cool werewolf toy. This burly shaggy wolf man fits the bill! Maybe it will be produced in time for the new Wolf Man movie :)

I'd like his arms to swivel! Maybe his legs too if it won't interfere with the ability to stand upright ( could shift too easily and not stay up)

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mimic commented on 7th Apr 2010  

Very cool toy, nicely finished and nice sculpt. Love the design, prolly the best werewolf toy out there.

ShiverZ commented on 2nd Feb 2010  

I recieved my werewolf today and I must say it is very professionally made, I LOVE everything about it! Especially that they took the extra care of keeping the arms and tail seperate to prevent breakage, with a free tube of super glue - Thanks! I couldn't have asked for it to be any more professional, IT ROCKS!

The only compliant I must make, which is not about the actual model itself, but the postage.
I live in the U.K, which I was expecting a large delivery charge because of it's size, I was happy to pay this. It was only when I recieved the item on my doorstep I was charged £12 V..A.T. and shipping and handelling charges. I have been told by the patch together website that in small print they warn you that some charges may occur as you check out, which I obviously did not see and regret not viewing it. I was very disheartened by this and will not be making any further purchases here becuase of this. I have been told at my local post office that if the item had been marked as "gift" and not "commercial sample" I would have not had to pay this charge.

I am writing this to warn other fellow buyers outside the U.S and make them aware of what might happen to them.

Keep in mind, this is not a complaint about the item BUT of the shipping. The item itself is stunning and worth every penny I originally paid for.

krishva commented on 19th Jan 2010  

Got mine a bit ago.  It's a gift for a friend and must be able to return to the box for now, so I didn't try gluing the tail in.  The craftsmanship is great, though.  I was impressed!

Maruki commented on 16th Jan 2010  

I absolutely LOVE it!  The only thing to complain about is the unfamiliarity with the rather runny glue.  There weren't any structions how long to hold it and it ran everywhere when trying to glue the tail in =/

Ballsy commented on 16th Jan 2010  

Got mine last week, and I love it like I knew I would.  The PT paint process is getting better and better with each new toy I buy. 

rar-girlnoodles commented on 16th Jan 2010  

absolutely spectacular! the craftsmanship was great, and the shipping took much, much less time than i expected.

samotage commented on 7th Jan 2010  

Arrived today, love it! The sculpture is great, and the paint job is nearly flawless! Love how you guys provide a little bottle of glue, too! You only need it for the tail, which I glued on in about a minute.

He'll have an honorary spot on my desk as soon as I get back to school!


Will definitely be ordering more from PT in the future, love you guys! =D

MindChamber commented on 7th Jan 2010  

Just recieved My figure and I love it! the paint jobs excellent, and the details are crisp and top notch. The base couldve been painted alil better, but thats just nitpicking.

One thing you do need to be carefull though,the package comes straight from the factory. My package was full of either fiberglass, or resin fibers. Those things really get into your skin. On top of that I was having lunch when I got the package, not a good mix.

make sure to open your packages in a well ventilated area, and maybe even use a blowdryer on cold, to wipe off the excess .

samotage commented on 16th Oct 2009  
I've been admiring this guy for like the past two weeks, finally decided to preorder today =D

Coolest werewolf toy I've ever seen, figured I'd always regret it if I didn't get it when I had the chance.

Synnabar commented on 18th Sep 2009  
Yes! Pre-Ordered! :)
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