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About the Design

Do you like sushi?
Do you love robots?

Now they come to life together in the form of cute, quirky -and occasionally mischievous- little robots!

Sushibots can be whatever and whoever you like, but they start out as three of the most popular varieties of makizushi: Alaskabot (alaska roll), Ebibot (ebi roll), and Calibot (california roll).

Sushibots are ready to fill your day with coolness, love, and flavor! (and a hint of fresh geekiness).

3 Product Reviews
Synchra commented on 16th Apr 2011  

This is my favorite Patch Together I have bought to date, and I have a lot of PT toys: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/d/8667-1/PTToys-All.jpg (This is missing 4 I have bought since as well. X3)

This toy came out awesome! It looks exactly like the pictures and the artwork. It has a really awesome design and came out very nice and high quality. I definitely reccommend getting this one if you have the space! He's a big guy. :P

Boigles commented on 6th Nov 2009  
Aha! It is done. <3 I finally got to preorder it. Hopefully it comes out in time! If not, it'll be a late gift. :)
alo commented on 22nd Sep 2009  
This is my first Patch Together preorder, and I couldn't be looking forward to it more! I hope the entire series comes to fruition!
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