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Biting Pear (AKA LOL WUT PEAR)

Selling since 11th Sep 2009
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About the Design

The one, the only, the Biting Pear of Salamanca, better known from his appearance as the internet meme "the LOL WUT pear." Based on the original painting of toothy fruit. Accept no imitations!

14 Product Reviews
Bobcat commented on 6th Feb 2011  

I was lucky enough to visit a convention attended by Ursual, and got my pear's butt signed! 'Mr Nibbles' was a great hit at said con, and I told everyone who asked where to get one.

Erik4ab6 commented on 25th Aug 2010  

I really like mine, it hangs out on my desk and laughs along with me at the internets.  Hehe.  I actually got it on preorder when it first became available but I could never get my comment to post properly.

Ghanie commented on 4th Jan 2010  

I'm so happy with my Biting pear! It's been one of my favorite pict from Ursula Vernon and now to own a scupture of it is just fantastic!

Candi4aaf commented on 2nd Jan 2010  

Wonderful- nice smooth pear-like texture, great paint job.

And not cheap plastic- has weight to it and is not just a hollow shell.

AmyJohn7 commented on 1st Jan 2010  

Lovely all around, highly impressed with the quality.

catminorityof1 commented on 30th Dec 2009  

I wasn't at all sure what to expect from this purchase, but I love Ursula Vernon so I gave it a shot.

I'm very happy over all.  The sculpting is well done & I feel like this piece will hold up well for many years of unexpected smiles.  I do agree with one of the other reviews that I would have liked to see a bit more of the details from the painting, but otherwise it's spot on!

Can we get a plushie of this?!

Saki commented on 30th Dec 2009  

I love my Biting Pear. I've been a fan of Ursula Vernon for years, so being able to hold one of her most well-known creations in my hands is extremely satisfying.

Attachment :-

DMG commented on 30th Dec 2009  

Really has that "Feeeeed me, Seymore!" vibe going for it!  Nice work overall.

SevenCubed commented on 30th Dec 2009  

Fantastic piece! Great sculpt on this one. The piece holds up at just about any angle. I would have liked to see more of the temperature variation from the original painting, or some of the speckling detail... But the paint job is above and beyond many toys I own... mine is a minor quibble. I hope this piece is wildly successful and look forward to more Ursula Vernon Pieces (Platypus that laid the sun, f'rinstance)!



walnetto commented on 30th Dec 2009  

Right out of the box, this Pear was ready for action. It immediately took up residence on the kitchen table where it happily lurked and menaced my father who was reading the newspaper. 

Now, residing on my desk, it's happy grin greets me every day while I work. Terrific construction and a wonderful paint job bring the pear to life. The subtle tonal qualities allow it to catch the light of its surroundings, making in blend in perfectly, no matter where it is placed!

A must have for fans of Ms. Vernon, or the internet in general!

sev commented on 30th Dec 2009  

Solid, flawless, and beautiful.  More a piece of sculpture than a toy.

Parhelion commented on 30th Dec 2009  

So well-made that I almost get nervous when my fingers are anywhere near its mouth. Sturdy material, beautiful sculpt, and simple but perfect paint job. Quite simply the best memetic pear EVER.

Otter commented on 30th Dec 2009  

Quality might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to the LOLWUT pear, but this is a great sculpt!  Heavy resin and an excellent paint job. 

Bencoon commented on 30th Dec 2009  

Simple colors, simple design, but it's more than enough to make people who glance at it pause and take a second look. Just the perfect size to hide in a bowl of fruit and startle the guests.

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