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Miss Mary Jane Figurine

Selling since 10th Sep 2009
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About the Design

Miss Mary Jane was my muse and mistress for many years. Helping me to relax as only she can, she\\\'d take the edge off the day and usher me into my creative zone for the night. Now I\\\'m hoping she can do the same for you.

3 Product Reviews
liz commented on 15th Jun 2010  

I love her!!! She keeps me company on the desk while I work late. :)

thyme commented on 3rd Nov 2009  
OMFG, wow! That preview of the sculpt looks AMAZING--the details in her hair are fantastic. Woah. I'm impressed.
Fenny commented on 13th Sep 2009  
So super cute! I can't wait to get this! YAY!
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