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Sorriso the Brawler

Selling since 24th Jan 2010
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About the Design

Sorriso is a kind and friendly fighter from an amazing fantasy world that he barely remembers. Now, he is just trying to get home, as soon as he can find out what home is. Continuous model sheet can be view here: http://tinyurl.com/yfueh9x

2 Product Reviews
Zatransis commented on 11th Oct 2010  

Just a side note: The feet are on incorrectly in this picture.  When you receive the figure the feet attached at a 45 degree angle as dictated by the fittings.

Zatransis commented on 15th Sep 2010  

Got mine today and it came out great!  Can't wait to see some pics up here so people can see how awesome of a job you guys did.  Right on!

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