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Robin Desanto

Selling since 12th Aug 2010
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Height : 7 inch
Medium : Resin
Price: $39.95  
About the Design

Robin DeSanto isn't your ordinary toy store employee! When she was a toddler she was abducted by aliens and given special powers which augmented her strength, durability, and especially her speed. Because of these powers, she worked for the government several years ago to fight the very aliens who abducted her! Oh, and she was also elected to a seat in the Federal House of Representatives.

But seriously, she's mostly just a simple retail worker. Who can run really fast and smells like Skittles. And is in a lesbian relationship. And once shoved a dude's head up Sarah Palin's heiny.
1 Product Review
Garrett4ac6 commented on 12th Jan 2011  

Well I just wrote a long rant about why this statue sucked compared to the Amber statue I bought from the same artist, but it got deleted for no adequately explained reason. Here is a list of all the problems I have with this statue:
1. The collector's box came with nothing on it and a piece of untrimmed 8.5x11 box art on sticker paper I was expected to cut out my self. My Amber statue came with the box art already attached as expected.
2. Unlike my Amber statue, except for the ball popper, this statue wasn't assembled. It came with a bottle of cheap Chinese super glue with all the instructions on said bottle written in Chinese. The instructions on how to assemble the statue say to hold pieces firmly in place until dry. How am i supposed to know how long it takes for the glue to dry when all or the writing on the tube is in Chinese. Also Why should I have to assemble the entire statue? It isn't like this is a model kit where I would expect this? My amber statue came in one solid piece with the exception of the ball popper which would be separate in real life anyway. I don't want to have to worry about making sure I gave the crappy glue enough time to set or accidently removing some the paint with the glue as the assembly instructions said it would. Her head is huge and the neck joint is tiny and I am deathly afraid to try and attach if for fear that it will break. That is the job of the professionals at Patch together. It is my job to receive and enjoy said statue that I paid for.
3. The collector's box is utterly useless once the statue is assembled !!! The foam inserts are broken up into individual compartments for the individual pieces you have to put together. This means, once you assemble the statue, the foam it came in won't accommodate the super glued together statue you now have and can't disassemble and the box has become useless for protecting your statue when you would for instance move or put it into storage. And unfortunately that is its function. You would have to use generic bubble wrap to protect it. You've made the box useless unless the owner ghetto rigs it.
I still like Shortpacked, but I expect higher standards from both you and patchtogether and neither were met. I am very disappointed.

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