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About the Design

Maws are a small and relatively harmless species of crow demon. They're not terribly bright, tend to burble a lot, and have an affinity for eating bugs. With their all-too-human hands and long, prehensile tongues, they also have a tendency to get into things they're not supposed to ... like your desk or shelf!

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ELG commented on 13th Jan 2010  

My husband was very pleased with his late Christmas present. Maw now graces the shelf above his desk along with his Eve and Atomic Robo figures, and it looks great!

aLuko commented on 12th Jan 2010  

Beautiful design and sculpt. Sadly, the tongue and one of the legs had broken off during shipping. :( I contacted PT and the quickly sent out a replacement. Just got it today and all in one piece! Great figure and great service from PatchTogether. Thank you!

changewinds commented on 12th Jan 2010  

I love my Maw! It has a heft to it that I hadn't realized from just seeing photos of it. I think I would've liked the black to be less green-gray and a stronger black, but other than that, the sculpt is well crafted, and the design on the box was a nice touch too. 

Farren commented on 11th Jan 2010  

I love it.  It's absolutely adorable, well-made, and just the right amount of "odd".  It's quite happy sitting on my table watching me on the computer.

Antique commented on 10th Jan 2010  

Excellent design, subtle yet attracts the eye. Easily worth the price.

Syn-Zero commented on 10th Jan 2010  

Great looking figure all around, and it's really a good physical manifestion of Yuko's art. Glad to have it perched on the walls above my bed... watching me while I sleep... Gah!

Kaeldra commented on 10th Jan 2010  

Absolutely adorable! I just got mine in the mail and love it; the details are amazing, and it's the perfect size to sit on the shelf and freak out guests. :)

boondocksaint2k commented on 10th Jan 2010  

The Maw is an awesome figurine. Made with quality and imagined with love, this adorable, albeit odd, creature now eyes my room with care, spying for spies and sniping for snipings...with its GLARE.

Seriously, though, buy this thing.

Attachment :-

libster commented on 3rd Jan 2010  

I just got mine and it looks amazing!

ponk commented on 2nd Nov 2009  
Can't wait to find out when the Maws will make their way out to us!
quantumsparrow commented on 16th Sep 2009  
Preorder'd! Equal parts goofy and creepy just like you would expect a minor crow demon to be. D'aww.
gearfeathers commented on 16th Sep 2009  
Preordered, woo!  Can't wait.
Terra-hunter commented on 15th Sep 2009  
Pre-ordered all the way baby!!!!
Bluerobin427 commented on 15th Sep 2009  
Awesome!  I've got one preordered!
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