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Dark Dragon Child

Selling since 13th Nov 2010
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About the Design

The mysterious Dark Dragons appear to be arrogant, stubborn creatures, egocentric even. Most prefer to keep their distance due to their strange, dark appearance. But should one decide to befriend you, you’ll find that they are just careful about whom they trust, once their trust is gained, you can begin to feel relaxed in their easygoing presence. Although confident in themselves, and their own abilities, they have a hard time finding others that understand them and their ways. The child Dark Dragon is often found alone most of the time, although they are not averse to playing with the others, when they can find them still awake that is! Their horns are developing, and their huge claws are strong enough now to be able to dig into solid rock, often digging small caves for themselves to rest. They are most active at night, preferring the darkness, as their eyes are most suited to the dark. On evenings you might see them outside their cave, practicing spitting blue fire, a flame that is much hotter than normal fire. --- This is the Dark Dragon design from http://www.dragonadopters.com. I have modified the design a little bit and created some more perspectives. More drawings and stages of this dragon can be viewed here: http://tiny.cc/68pne

6 Product Reviews
Kabbij commented on 15th Jun 2012  

These are so cute! I have the Fire version, and I think it's the best. It's just the right size, nice and fuzzy, and very good quality. Such a shame they're out of stock now :/ I'd like to get the rest!

Nacht-Wolf commented on 22nd May 2012  

I had this guy, and I want another. I wonder how many "request a restock" will it take for PT to remake them :-: I miss mine

grimroaeos commented on 26th Feb 2012  

I love the dragons. Got all 4 of them and they look fantastic. As a big guy these dragons actually fitted alright in my arms so they are decently big!

TimeDemon commented on 14th Oct 2011  

My air Dark Dragon child came today and I love him! No loose seams and well tailored body parts. He is larger than I expected, and although I am usually in the market for smaller plushies, I still enjoy him. The wings are my favorite part, they don't get in the way of snuggling and are embroidered in a lovely way. He looks great at all perspectives, but the shortness of the back legs is a bit upsetting.

I've waited a year for this normally depressed looking friend, and he looks much happier in his new home!

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Ionkill commented on 13th Sep 2011  

My Fire Dark Dragon came in today and I love it! The quaility is very nice there aren't any hanging, loose or thin materials making it not easy to rip and durable. The dye on the material is also looks nice and contrast, so there isn't any dull colours. Infact I find the real product looks better in real life then on the preview pictures. So thank you Thaz for the great design and thank you Patched Together for the awesome production. This dragon will be added nicely to my dragon collection =D.

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Silvolf commented on 4th Jun 2011  

My water Dark Dragon child arrived this morning and he's awesome! Nicely made and just how he looks in the photos. Now I have a part of the Dragon Adopters website I've enjoyed playing on so much these last few years and really happy about it! He has embroidered eyes and mouth and he's made in a soft velvety material. He's also a nice size for hugging! Plus the Dark Dragon is one of my favourites of Thaz's dragon species.

As you can see from the photo I've put up, my cat likes him too! My Dark Dragon is happy in his new home!

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