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Biting Pear Plush (AKA LOL WUT PEAR)

Selling since 25th Aug 2010
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Height : 12 inch
Medium : Plush
Price: $15.00  
About the Design

The one, the only, the Biting Pear of Salamanca, better known from his appearance as the internet meme "the LOL WUT pear." Based on the original painting of toothy fruit.

3 Product Reviews
carrom8 commented on 22nd Mar 2012  

Thank you so much for everything! What can I say; unbelivably fast delivery (I live in Finland and got it in a couple of days), no problems whatsoever and the pear itself is, well frankly, awesome; big, soft and nice:) Incredibly low price also; considering the size and quality of the pear although the posting fees to my country ofc were pretty high... Thanks guys! Keep up the good work!

FluffyKittenz commented on 13th Jan 2012  

AWESOME! It took mine FOREVER to come in! but it was worth the wait! it's real big and stuff, compared to us Oogies.

Bobcat commented on 6th Feb 2011  

Yee! I got mine! It's great!

Word of warning: This pear is SHOCKINGLY LARGE. See the reference photos for a sense of scale.

On the plus side, this means it can wear hats. Mine currently has a leopard-print fex.

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