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Billy the Squid

Selling since 21st Dec 2009
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Height : 3.5 inch
Medium : Vinyl
Price: $12.95   $9.95
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Height : 3.5
Medium : Vinyl

Poor, silly Billy, the adorable yet ill-fated squid from Zap! http://www.zapinspace.com

2 Product Reviews
Hobbit1978 commented on 14th Feb 2011  

Oh, I forgot to mention that the piece is actually a bit larger than it is listed here in the store. It stand at 4.5" tall, not 3.5". I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and saw its size.

Hobbit1978 commented on 14th Feb 2011  

This was my first PT purchase and I couldn't be more happy with it!  The sculpt was exceptional and for $9.95 it was a cheap way to get a PT product and guage the level of quality in their execution. I will definitely purchase larger and more costly pieces in the future.

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