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Acacia (Bud) Budur

Selling since 6th Nov 2009
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About the Design

This is "Bud" from the graphic novel Wapsi Square. One third of the ancient chimera and golem guardian to Monica. Bud appears in the form of an 18 year old gawky blond girl but she can also manifest into a monstrous looking goat. Bud tends to still have her young adult fussiness and clings to what is simple. Her fondest memory is listening to the night wind while sitting by her family’s small oil lamp. She’s fiercely loyal to Monica but reminds her that she is still very dangerous and could eventually turn on her, as she feels herself to be a machine.

6 Product Reviews
N-C-Weber commented on 2nd May 2010  

For the most part, an excellent rendition of Acacia Budur.  THe eyes, however, I dont think are quite right.  In fact, the drawings sense of wide-eyed eagerness (an emotional put-on that Bud uses on occasion to tweak people), comes across as just plain creepy in the statue.  Still, it's an awesome addition to the collection of Wapsi statues.

Bill commented on 27th Apr 2010  

Bud looks great! She is an excellent rendition of the drawing.

DMG commented on 25th Apr 2010  

Bud's build quality is great, very solid and smooth construction.  Packaging in custom-cut styrofoam keeps the figure from shifting in transit, and it was double boxed with padding to further protect it - very nice work Patch Together!  Oh yeah, the figure is also goofy/cute/crazy goodness for any WapsiSquare fan, so enjoy.

The-Old-Wolf commented on 24th Apr 2010  

Bud is delightful! I love having these characters on my shelf. She looks beautiful, demonic and crazy all at the same time. The quality of these statuettes is superb.

gridsleep commented on 23rd Apr 2010  

Bud is way beyond cool.  Bud is absolutely magnificent.  The whole of Wapsi Square is coming to life on my hutch.  I just hope that, after Tepoz, Katherine is next.  I love all the girls, but she's my favorite for all sorts of reasons.  I have all sorts of figures from all sorts of shows, mainly anime, but these figures are the most life like since my collection of vinyl Pogo figures from the Sixties.  If a comic can keep it real, Wapsi Square is it.

Eeeper commented on 23rd Apr 2010  

Bud is absolutely cool. The whole quirky smile, ugg boots and dress is awesome. She is so tall! Towering over Monica, Patchtogether have perfectly captured Paul's design and scale for the character. Also Bud ships as one complete piece so no glue to have use. 

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