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Amber O'Malley Figurine

Selling since 10th Sep 2009
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About the Design

Amber works at Shortpacked! A toy store full of crazy people. Her weapon of choice is a corn popper push-toy.

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MonkeyBiz commented on 18th Jan 2010  

Overall nice figure. The popper does not stay in the upright position. I will have to make some modifications to keep it that way. She arrived detached from her base. She will actually stand without it, but I superglued her feed back to the base.

Owen4ace commented on 18th Jan 2010  

I... can't imagine how foot pegs or a stand would be necessary, considering that she has that huge oval base. How would those things even help if the base isn't enough? Haven't heard of anyone else having those problems.

Overall a great figure that really captures the style well. The eyes especially match the concept art EXACTLY. There are a few oddities... it seems that the shdow of Amber's glasses was interpreted as blush, the randomly red mouth seems a little odd, and honestly, I don't think Amber can even GET this tan. However, these are minor, tiny details overall. The popper being detachable has led me to pose it with a few figures, so I'll probably break it eventually.

The statue does look best from the front or back. The design was really not ment to translate from all angles, so from the sides... eesh. I see that as a purposeful thing, not a flaw, as side view was almost certainly secondary (if even a consideration at all).

To be honest, I think plastic/vinyl would have been better for durability, and would acutally be thematic to the comic strip, but that's more the action figure fan in me talking, and verges on complaining that the product isn't something it was never meant to be. This is the first statue I've ever bought, and I couldn't be happier overall. I eagerly await preorders for more Shortpacked! characters!

rick2tails commented on 17th Jan 2010  

a wonderful figure other then the fact it doesnt have any foot pegs or stand to help her stand up. Amber wants to fall over unless I prop something next to her

cambiata commented on 16th Jan 2010  

I love this figure!  However, I too broke her left arm... I guess it's kind of  precariously placed?  I do have to say that I was rather rough with her, though; I've never had a resin figure before so I didn't realize how fragile they are.  Because I broke her and because I'm a huge fan of Willis' world, I bought another one.  Interestingly, the new one had less of an issue with the popper staying up correctly. On the one I broke, the popper tended to flip over at the slightest provocation; the new one is firmly enough in her hands that there's no risk of it flipping over.  I can't wait until the Mike fig is available!

sourjane commented on 16th Jan 2010  

Excellent!  Arrived very quickly (surprisingly so!) and in wonderful condition.  Her left arm kinda snapped off when I was setting her up though... I think I was too rough somehow?  It wasn't a moving part or anything... but it was a nice break and with superglue I can't even tell.  So awesome!  Seems more like User Error than anything else.

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