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PatchTogether Patch

You will receive patches just by being an active member.

Please see activity chart for how many patches you can earn.

Design Submit:5
Voting Designs: 1
Gallery Pic Submit: 3
News Submit: 2
Comment On Designs: 1
Comment On Gallery Pic: 1
Comment On Product: 2
Comment On Forum: 1
Buying From Store: One point for every dollar spent (excluding tax and shipping)
Patchwork: One point for every dollar spent (excluding tax and shipping)

What can Patch do for you?
The more patches you collect, the higher your reputation level becomes:
New Face: 0-9
Rising Star: 10-49
Star: 50-199
Super Star: 200-499
Celebrity: 500+
Reputation level & voting power:
The higher your reputation level, the more influence your votes will have on each design
New Face: 1
Rising Star: Multiple 1.5
Star: Multiple 2
Super Star: Multiple 2.5
Celebrity: Multiple 3


Paint your own FLOXY

Price: $100 store Credit and chance for it to be made in the future production.

      Download Template    |    Submit Design


Paint your own BITING PEAR

Price: $100 cash, $100 store credit and a case of the biting pears figures
      Download Template    |    Submit Design


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