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Submit Design & Win Cash Prize

Submit Designs

Think you can design? Now have it send to us and we will show it to the world! Select one of the three categories you want to participate.

Toy: This can be an image of the designer toys in your mind or the ones you already made, it can be anything that you can possibly think of, surprise us!

Everyday product: you can now submit ANY random ideas you would like made into a product. It can be non-toy related

Flash: A small animation you made, of course, it has to be cool and smart.

Earn Votes

Help us decide what you want for your next designer collection. It’s quick, easy and open to all members. Here’s how it works. Sign onto PT and leave comments/feedback/critiques for any designs that interest you. If a particular design garners enough positive attention and interest on our community boards, PT will place the design in our store’s ON DEMAND section where it can start accepting pre-orders. Once the minimum pre-order goal is reached, production will start for the design.    

All designs submitted to PT are eligible for ON DEMAND. Selection can be quick or slow depending upon the design’s popularity among the community, so there are no time constraints on when designs can be selected. There’s also no limit to how many designs we choose for ON DEMAND. So light up those boards and help use put more designs in production.

Get Recognized and Paid for your Creativity

The profit from the sales using the design will be shared between PatchTogether and the artist.


Paint your own FLOXY

Price: $100 store Credit and chance for it to be made in the future production.

      Download Template    |    Submit Design


Paint your own BITING PEAR

Price: $100 cash, $100 store credit and a case of the biting pears figures
      Download Template    |    Submit Design


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