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Q: How long does the contest go? 

A: It's an ongoing contest - so there's no time limit on when a design may be selected for ON DEMAND. It can be a recently submitted design that catches a lot of interest from the members or an older design that has been on the boards for a while ago (days, weeks, months, etc.)

Q: Who picks the "winner" to be moved into the ON DEMAND store?

A: PATCHTOGETHER will choose the designs for ON DEMAND

Q: How does PATCH TOGETHER pick a "winner"?

A: There are several factors we take into consideration when choosing a design for ON DEMAND. We are constantly monitoring the comments and the average scores to gauge the member's interest. We also consider the feasibility of the design - will it be affordable for our members? Will the design be difficult to manufacture? Etc.

Q: After ON DEMAND - what's next?

A: Once a design is placed in the ON DEMAND store, we will start accepting pre-orders for the toy. If the minimum pre-order quantity (currently 20 units) is reached, our sculptors will begin work on the prototype and production will follow soon after. During the pre-order stage, we really encourage the artist and PT community to help spread the word about the possible toy to help increase its chance for production.

Q: How many designs can I submit?

A: You can submit as many designs as you like - but there is a one design/per day limit. Submitting too many designs within a short period of time can over saturate the boards and can reduce the number of comments and popularity level for a particular design for yours. Choose your best design and maybe wait a while before you submit your next. Don't submit WORK IN PROGRESS designs - please use art-related platforms to finish your design before you submit.

Q: How long does it take to get my design approved?

A: Depending on the site's activity level, it can take up to 3 days but most of the time designs will be approved within 24 hrs. We only aprove one design by member per day - so if you submitted more than one design it might take a while before it gets approved

Q: Do I have to submit a 360° view of my design?

A: A 360 view is not required during the initial submission or On DEMAND stage, but it may help enhance the design's overall appeal to fellow PT members. Once production starts, a 360 view will greatly assist our sculptors in faithfully capturing the artist original vision.


Q: How do I add more views for my design?

A: You can add more views to your design by log in to your account. Once logged in, go to my design to add more views.

Q: Who sets the price for the toy ON DEMAND?

A: PATCH TOGETHER sets the price according to the figure's size, complexity and production costs.

Q: What do I earn for my design?

A: For ON DEMAND products, the profit will be split 30% for artist and 70% for PATCH TOGETHER.

Q: Do I give my rights away for the design?

A: The design right will remain with the artist. However, in order for the design to go into production, the artist must agree to an exclusive one year toy contract with PatchTogether.

Q: Does the one year contract cover just the submitted characters in their submitted poses or would it cover any and all characters submitted to Patch Together as well as any that weren't?

A: The exclusive one year contract covers only the character in their submitted pose.

Q: Do I receive free samples of my toys?

A: Depending on the final cost of the toy, we may have some samples. If not, you can exchange some of the 30% profit for toys.

Q: Is PATCH TOGETHER promoting my design besides here?

A: We are constantly seeking ways to help promote our member's work but at the same time we need help from the PT community. We encourage all artists to promote their ON DEMAND toy designs with magazines, blogs and forums so we can reach the pre-order minimum to start production.

Q: Can I skip the community contest thing to get my design made into a toy?

A: Yes, you can contact us at any time if you wish to place a custom order. We have some of the most competitive quotes in the industry. If the costs are acceptable for both parties, production can begin immediately with an initial 50% cost deposit.


Q: Why did you reject my design submission?

A: Because of the mass of submissions we can't tell everyone in detail why we might have rejected your design but it could've been one of these reasons:

- Artwork Contains Copyrighted Material
- Your design is unsuitable/inappropriate for a production
- Poor image Quality/resolution or
- The quality of your submission did not reach our expectations (quality of drawing, blurry image, quality of your design, etc)
- There are too many similar designs already on PT.
- We don't see a market for your submitted design
- There are already similar products on the market.
- Not related to the competition
- You already submitted a similar design (other pose/colorway etc.)

Please go through the existing designs here and double check if your design is really unique and different - especially if you are about to submit another character that we already got here in a similar style.


Q: How do I update shipping and billing information for an existing preorder?

 A: You can update your billing information by log in to your account. Once logged in, you can manage the credit cards associated with your account by selecting my payment profiles.  You could also change the shipping address of your order by selecting my orders.


Q: What materials does PATCH TOGETHER use for production?

 A: We can think of almost any medium as a material. However the production costs for a toy made in vinyl are very expensive and the minimum required quantity to start a production is 500+ units. Thats why most of the time we have to use resin for the lower quantities. Since only resin gives us the chance to produce a full colored toy in a small quantity.
We sure are able to use other required materials - but it all depends on the total costs and what leads best to an affordable price for the single toy.



If you have any other question unanswered, please feel free to contact us support@patchtogether.com



Paint your own FLOXY

Price: $100 store Credit and chance for it to be made in the future production.

      Download Template    |    Submit Design


Paint your own BITING PEAR

Price: $100 cash, $100 store credit and a case of the biting pears figures
      Download Template    |    Submit Design


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