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The great Serm
by Fshizz from Czech Republic
Submitted on 22nd Jan 2010
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About My Design

This is the Sperm that made Fshizzy

Jindavinci commented on 1st Apr 2010 (Report Spam)
you gotta make this into a toy XD
Choco-tan commented on 17th Mar 2010 (Report Spam)
It is adorable.
KBLively commented on 16th Feb 2010 (Report Spam)
It looks alot like a boo from the Mario games.
Tin-Star commented on 2nd Feb 2010 (Report Spam)
points for delivering a fully realized concept- awkward moment when you try to explain to people what it is.
Fshizz commented on 31st Jan 2010 (Report Spam)

Thanks all of you for liking it...

reganomics813 commented on 30th Jan 2010 (Report Spam)
Simple but perfect!
kuzu commented on 27th Jan 2010 (Report Spam)
this one is totally fun!
Wiggi commented on 27th Jan 2010 (Report Spam)

Likes it!

astroskink commented on 26th Jan 2010 (Report Spam)
KInda reminds me more of a ghost. I'm not keen on the concept.
Zatransis commented on 26th Jan 2010 (Report Spam)
Love this design. Simple and strong.
KittyCat commented on 25th Jan 2010 (Report Spam)

this is a cute design but reminds me of a Boo from Mario http://pressthebuttons.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/boo.jpg that just may be me

Ailoncha commented on 25th Jan 2010 (Report Spam)
Simple design, but adorable and cool.
soma commented on 25th Jan 2010 (Report Spam)
Haha that's pretty cool
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