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Terms of Submission

Updated on July 7, 2010

By submitting any artworks for consideration in the contest, you must ensure that the artwork you submitted is original, and does not contain trademarks, logos, copyrights, or any other intellectual property from a third party. Any artwork or comments should not contain any unlawful or offensive contents. PatchTogether reserves the right to decline and terminate any submission for any reason.
There's no exclusive right for all submissions to stay on our site - we can delete submitted and aproved designs at any time for any reason. All rights of an artists artwork will remain with the artist.

For submissions we expect:

  • original artwork
  • only one concept (don't submit a concept drawing with different characters on the same illustration)
  • a nice and decent presentation
  • additional images should show different angles, colorways or related content to your design

If a design is selected for Product on Demand, the design right will remain with the artist. However, in order for the design to go into production, the artist must agree to an exclusive one year toy contract with PatchTogether. 30 % of the profit from the sales using the design will be paid to artists in 30 days.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you submit a copyrighted design then you are in charge of all costs in case of a subsequent dispute with the copyright owners such as artists, labels etc.