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by Georgieanna from United States
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Submitted on 5th Mar 2009
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About My Design
a whimsical design, blurring of fantasy and "reality".

It started out as a quick sketch idea, and turned into a nice iconic figure. A bit of rabbit, dragon, and dreamer all in one.

I couldn't make up my mind on the best color varient, while then a few may look better sans-jacket. end of story: I'm being wishy washy and linking everything.
jessyjane777 commented on 4th Jan 2011 (Report Spam)
White rabbit is the best... JACKET IS A MUST!! love it <3
BadWolfButcher commented on 5th Apr 2010 (Report Spam)
i like the balck and red best
Frosted commented on 8th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
But i'd also would liek to see him in a real action like pose!..now that would be cool.
Frosted commented on 8th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
its cute and would look good as a figure.
CobaltWerewolf commented on 2nd Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
I really like this, and the expression she's got. I think the orange and white design looks best, personally.
Cherokeeboi-Studio commented on 8th Apr 2009 (Report Spam)
i really like your design, your choice of colours are also very good.
Ann1301 commented on 11th Mar 2009 (Report Spam)
I really like this design, it roughly reminds me of the Pokemon Mewtwo. I definitely like the black and orange the best, have you considered trying black with other colors? A lot of brighter colors would look neat with the markings on your pretty Dreamer!
Rahul-Mehta commented on 6th Mar 2009 (Report Spam)
hey .. i like ur design ..! good work .. good luck ..! http://www.patchtogether.com/?Designs_Details&Id=1015
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