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skull boi
by armadilloboy from Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Submitted on 4th Apr 2009
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About My Design
let me introduce skull boi to you all! He's a quiet lad, well, he hasn't a jaw, so i guess that doesnt help in the speaking department...he loves to graff bomb, leaving his tag everywhere he goes....of course he's been caught a fair few times...i mean...he's a kid, with his skull on the outside ..hhmmm..i think i'd notice him!!

the toy is simple, one moving part, and that's his head, its like a ball and socket joint, so it can be adjusted for various poses..bit like your own head..
kiddo47 commented on 5th Jun 2010 (Report Spam)
Creaturekebab commented on 11th Apr 2009 (Report Spam)
I can see this painted mexican style too. ;) Great job!
armadilloboy commented on 7th Apr 2009 (Report Spam)
thanks for the comment!! Im not sure how they make them, but if i were able to, i'd make his head hollow, and his body solid. so the weight was evenly distributed....
ApeMummy commented on 6th Apr 2009 (Report Spam)
I'm digging the design, but concerned about how top heavy Skull Boi might be.
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