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Puni-Puni Pawie
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Submitted on 31st Mar 2008
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About My Design
Puni-puni (pronounced "pooh nee pooh nee") is a japanese imitative word for something soft and elastic e.g. jello, baby cheeks.
i love cats and dogs and anything thats fluffy. This is a little something you can play with in your hands when you are stressfull or just bored. It should be fluffy and furry outside and soft inside. rubber or silicon or whatever feels good that you could keep squeezing all day long. Tiny claws come out everytime you push pads.
Mego commented on 22nd Jul 2010 (Report Spam)
this is really neat X3 I think I would like it more if it had 4 claws because normally claws don't come out from between the tows. this could also be a good learning tool for kids on how to trim a cats claws
Polysoup commented on 8th Jun 2010 (Report Spam)
I want this . . . My dog wants me to get one of these too so she can have a break from getting her paws squished.
Mechashinobi-X commented on 17th May 2010 (Report Spam)

very very cute idea!

nu123 commented on 20th Jan 2010 (Report Spam)
really a cute idea
Loppi commented on 25th Nov 2009 (Report Spam)

Awww that is such a cute idea! I do this with REAL cats as a destresser but when I'm at university I can only kidnap the neighbours cats so this would come in handy! Great idea :)

Toru commented on 5th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
It's so cute! It'd be really great if it had a keychain ring or a clip so it could be attached to purses, backpacks, keys, etc. I'd buy one with out without the clip though ^-^
Wee-Daftie commented on 13th Aug 2009 (Report Spam)
I've seen something sort of similar from japan, but those didn't have claws that would come out! I'd love to have something like that. :p
xxxOinXxxx commented on 12th Apr 2008 (Report Spam)
thanks! :)
sans-i commented on 8th Apr 2008 (Report Spam)
Tell me where to buy and I'll order a bunch! ;D
mel2 commented on 4th Apr 2008 (Report Spam)
:3 x333333333 xD
xxxOinXxxx commented on 2nd Apr 2008 (Report Spam)
again, its claws are completely harmless! i can't stress this enough! you won't be able to hurt anyone with it unless someone swallows it or something.
Meldariel commented on 2nd Apr 2008 (Report Spam)
thats a good weapon ;D
xxxOinXxxx commented on 1st Apr 2008 (Report Spam)
haha thanks! ya i forgot to mention it but the claws are made of rubber so you don't get hurt when you accidentally stepped on it and stuff!
Brother-Timm commented on 1st Apr 2008 (Report Spam)
LOOK OUT, He's got a knife, Oh wait, It's just a Puni-Puni. I'll give you credit for being unique.
huauhahhaa commented on 31st Mar 2008 (Report Spam)
xxxOinXxxx commented on 31st Mar 2008 (Report Spam)
i meant when you are stressed not stressful...
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