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Pear Nior
Submitted on 20th Nov 2012
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About My Design

I'm a huge fan of the grey, black and white color combo. This is my first submission to the site, I don't use any computer programs for any of the images I only draw the images by hand. I use the "x" in my work a lot as an ambiguous symbol literally assigning no meaning, yet at the same time there are any connotations to go along with the "x". I find it to be a mysterious replacement for real symbolism, like signing your name as an x instead of your actual name. I am a ceramic artist by trade, but everything I do is influenced by the toy world.

pderks5000 commented on 19th Mar 2013 (Report Spam)


ElPlastico commented on 31st Jan 2013 (Report Spam)
I dig your concepts man.
ILOVETOYS commented on 31st Jan 2013 (Report Spam)
This is great :)
Chump commented on 31st Jan 2013 (Report Spam)
Love the black/white/grey combo!
Fish81 commented on 31st Jan 2013 (Report Spam)
This one is dope too, love the use of X's.
yumyumyum commented on 31st Jan 2013 (Report Spam)
Love the grey tone combos too, he's so fat and cute!
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