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by Luhsan from Germany
Submitted on 8th Mar 2011
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About My Design

'I am a lone wanderer. I travel from world edge to world edge to light up the darkest parts of the earth, just to leave them in complete darkness again when I travel away again to the other edge. I am Lumen. The empty light.'

Gunslinger commented on 18th Dec 2012 (Report Spam)
Taya commented on 19th Feb 2012 (Report Spam)
Very unique and cool.
Tazzeh commented on 9th Nov 2011 (Report Spam)
SO awesome!
Naomiwiflath commented on 30th May 2011 (Report Spam)
It has a great steampunk-ish air to it! Would be neat on a gear stand!
DMD666 commented on 22nd Mar 2011 (Report Spam)
very neat looking design. I really like this.
Groadr commented on 16th Mar 2011 (Report Spam)
It's a really beautiful design, I'd buy both toy and shirt of this one.
B-T commented on 15th Mar 2011 (Report Spam)
Beautiful artwork! [: Although I do think it would make a better shirt design than a toy; there are too many nooks and crannies for it to be produced easily.
raliel132 commented on 12th Mar 2011 (Report Spam)
This is epic i would buy this if it were a tshirt
Anarchpeace commented on 9th Mar 2011 (Report Spam)
This design would make a great t-shirt! for a toy it looks really difficult haha I wish there were more views,
Daviisilva commented on 8th Mar 2011 (Report Spam)
Elfenn commented on 8th Mar 2011 (Report Spam)

A very original and interesting wolf-figure, really different from what we can usually see. Nice work. To make it stand, eather a base as said Ruuza, or a translucent stick ?

xIcePanther commented on 8th Mar 2011 (Report Spam)
This would look darn awesome as a toy AND on a t-shirt i must say *O* well idk what else to say,its just perfect
Ruuza commented on 8th Mar 2011 (Report Spam)
I like the design of this wolf and its looks rlly nice ^-^ though I was wondering,you put this in the category for toys,how do you think it would be able to stand as a figure,it would probarly fall down,thats what I think,unles you would add some kind of ground which this wolf would be attached to,so if I was you I would think about that,for the rest I dont rlly have to say something because I rlly like this ^^ it would make a nice t shirt :D
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