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Lil Raptor
by CommanderRaptor from United States
Submitted on 26th Dec 2012
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About My Design

From the mists of the Creataceous Period comes Lil' Raptor! Lil' Raptor is just a tiny dinosaur, and he has problems with English, but he dosen't let that stop him! He can often be found putting on silly uniforms and dancing about in his top hat. He also rather enjoys tea and rare meat, and when he grows into a big, scary Raptor, he wants to be a fearsome hunter, known for his talents in dancing and combat

jtkayd commented on 25th Feb 2018 (Report Spam)
Would be a very cute stuffed toy.
Meng commented on 9th Feb 2016 (Report Spam)
BRRRRBRRRRRRBRRRR it's cute! I like it!
Sloas commented on 4th May 2013 (Report Spam)
I think you were going for a more 'chibi' look, but it looks like a gator to me. It's cute, but it doesn't really stand out too much. Make him happy! Make him memorable! He looks kinda sad.
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