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by UndeadKitty13 from FL, United States
Toy > Fantasy
Submitted on 17th Jan 2013
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About My Design

needing a scout that can travel through both rural and suburban scapes with ease the soviets created the Liaka unit. the Liaka accompanies the Spetznas on the field detecting mines, recon, and comes with aids for both mechanical and organic soldiers. some are also placed in the cites to act as police patrol. if needed they can use their jaws to help free victims in derbies. the soviet are also using them in there Mars programs to create a secret military base.

masterscorp commented on 28th Dec 2016 (Report Spam)
really like the design.
Meng commented on 9th Feb 2016 (Report Spam)
Mecha Dogzilla XDDD
Squeah commented on 29th Aug 2015 (Report Spam)
Scappo commented on 5th Feb 2015 (Report Spam)
I really like this mecha-dog! I could do without the antenna though. Regardless, I'd be glad to have one of these bad boys on my desk!
buster commented on 2nd Jul 2014 (Report Spam)
Looks great, love the shape
CelestialSand commented on 21st Jun 2014 (Report Spam)
Love the design!
Goldammer commented on 18th Mar 2014 (Report Spam)
Untamed-Carnage commented on 15th Feb 2014 (Report Spam)
I really love this. I've always loved robodogs
Euchre commented on 27th Nov 2013 (Report Spam)
Brilliant design!
FurBang commented on 18th Aug 2013 (Report Spam)
ScBingham commented on 17th Aug 2013 (Report Spam)
Killer design! The antennae is a nice touch.
Mattax-Attack commented on 6th Aug 2013 (Report Spam)
Gah, it's so awesome!
Boigles commented on 31st May 2013 (Report Spam)
I really have to say the style of this design would translate really nicely into a toy, and I love the description for it to boot.
Baconsavior commented on 29th May 2013 (Report Spam)
ratlover45 commented on 5th Apr 2013 (Report Spam)
love the design
dargon899 commented on 2nd Apr 2013 (Report Spam)
I really like it! :D Great job!
WEWEX commented on 2nd Apr 2013 (Report Spam)
Kittybat commented on 2nd Apr 2013 (Report Spam)
I think this would look very professional. It's a genuine good idea!
Rowan commented on 19th Mar 2013 (Report Spam)
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