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by AndreHolzmeister from Brazil
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Submitted on 12th Sep 2008
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About My Design
GorrillaH is a mix of gorila and bizon and he is very brave in keeping he's fellows monkey like creatures away
from trouble... think twice before you get near his jungle!

brian-6306 commented on 6th Jan 2010 (Report Spam)
Love the design, would be best in Vinyl
PiNkJazZ commented on 10th Dec 2009 (Report Spam)
just beggin for some vinyl bananas! awesome.
mrgauky commented on 8th Dec 2009 (Report Spam)
Really well presented, it was worth trawling through the other submissions to find this gem.
Boigles commented on 17th Nov 2009 (Report Spam)
Excellent toy design.
wasteside commented on 15th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
you got my vote
EvanT commented on 30th Sep 2009 (Report Spam)
Love this! Would buy Instantly!!
WeTheSqueemish commented on 25th Sep 2009 (Report Spam)
That is very cool indeed!
Dr-Twistid commented on 5th Feb 2009 (Report Spam)
love the design! gotta love horned gorillas
Ruskibanjo commented on 5th Jan 2009 (Report Spam)
Absolutely amazing work! 5p
Sevensheaven commented on 17th Nov 2008 (Report Spam)
bunny commented on 30th Oct 2008 (Report Spam)
very nice!
gnarfdeath commented on 29th Sep 2008 (Report Spam)
he's great! nice shapes and design. also, anything with horns is bad@$$!
VISEone commented on 18th Sep 2008 (Report Spam)
I like it - no doubt...but it looks similar to BUNKA's "CHAOS MONKEY" even if it's not the same char... I would change the colors to make it look different. Anyway - you did a good job!
Ziqi commented on 18th Sep 2008 (Report Spam)
wow! awesome design.
plastic commented on 17th Sep 2008 (Report Spam)
Hey, this is really cool. I love the skewed angle of the lower jaw.
thisisnevermore commented on 17th Sep 2008 (Report Spam)
very cool indeed, love the colours. doesnt matter if people say its the same colours as the superdeux dunny its not the same design and thats what counts.
mekazoo commented on 15th Sep 2008 (Report Spam)
great design. Only the colors are the same with the superdeux dunny. really strong character design and awesome looking 3d!
LEX commented on 15th Sep 2008 (Report Spam)
This needs to be made into a toy... NOW!
krakit commented on 14th Sep 2008 (Report Spam)
very nice
TazX commented on 13th Sep 2008 (Report Spam)
Seems like the Dunny Superdeux the series Im'French ...
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