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Ethan Siegal
by shortpacked from United States
Submitted on 19th Dec 2010
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About My Design
A failed stand-up comedian, Ethan has settled for working retail. Amazingly, retail has not broken him yet. He still has that shimmer of hope for the future and his fellow man. Whether this is due to the strength of his resolve or just plain old ordinary denial depends on your personal level of cynicism. Ethan recently discovered he was gay. Heâs not very good at that, either.

To most people, Ethan is instead defined by his hobbies. He's an obsessive toy collector, much to the annoyance of his roommates. He's a virtual encyclopedia regarding all things Batman and Transformers, and as large as his love for these properties is, his disdain for their respective fandoms is just as great. Some see this as arrogance or elitism; Ethan sees himself as a champion of rationality. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.
grizzlelee commented on 19th Dec 2012 (Report Spam)

Why do we need more of these boring figures?

Tazzeh commented on 14th Nov 2011 (Report Spam)
Kinda boring.
DeLightfulfreak commented on 2nd Apr 2011 (Report Spam)
I have yet to read the comic, but after seeing this design I will most definitely look into it!
MonkeyBiz commented on 19th Jan 2011 (Report Spam)
SuperSaint commented on 14th Jan 2011 (Report Spam)
He needs to be made.
burnedalive commented on 13th Jan 2011 (Report Spam)
Awesome ^_^
TCINTERNET commented on 13th Jan 2011 (Report Spam)
One of my favorite characters! Can't wait to buy this one.
nullexe commented on 13th Jan 2011 (Report Spam)
I'd like a more dynamic pose for Ethan, but I still really like the statuette
BrianCoyDesign commented on 13th Jan 2011 (Report Spam)
Don't really see how this would be used outside of a business
The Blot commented on 5th Jan 2011 (Report Spam)
This is a must get!!! How else am I going to complete my Shortpacked! collection!?!
JD-1138 commented on 4th Jan 2011 (Report Spam)

I Would definitely buy as a statue! Ethan is the best Shortpacked character!

GuyManSir commented on 24th Dec 2010 (Report Spam)
Big Shortpacked! fan, would definitely buy this.
themysticalone commented on 21st Dec 2010 (Report Spam)
The clipboard makes this.
Grimesby commented on 20th Dec 2010 (Report Spam)
I've got the other statues, I'll buy this one too.
Carrie4ad3 commented on 20th Dec 2010 (Report Spam)
Love it!
iggy-rock commented on 20th Dec 2010 (Report Spam)
Kumata commented on 20th Dec 2010 (Report Spam)
I d' buy it...
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