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Dragon Buddy
by InvisibleMan from MI, United States
Submitted on 13th Aug 2012
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About My Design

You remember those monkeys that had velcro on their paws? And you would dangle them from your necks, or have them hang from your ceiling fan? Well, these little guys are like that, but instead of monkeys or bears, they're dragons! Colorful, cuddly dragons! They come in your basic colors-purple, red, blue and even albino! Or white, if you prefer. These dragons are very loving and gentle, unlike most dragons, and will hug you any time of day, for as long as you like! Soft and plush like any other plush toy, I'm sure that you'll want to give them a big hug back!

PMdragon commented on 6th Oct 2014 (Report Spam)
looks good!
Untamed-Carnage commented on 15th Feb 2014 (Report Spam)
This is super cute! There just aren't enough dragon toys in existence and it pisses me off. Would definitely buy.
Shumi commented on 1st Feb 2013 (Report Spam)
What a cute idea! I think you could also attach velcro to the underside of the tail fluff, or possibly have it wired inside for additional posing and clinging options. =P
TheloneusKool commented on 29th Nov 2012 (Report Spam)
pretty cutesie
Boxie commented on 18th Oct 2012 (Report Spam)

i think this is an adorable idea <333

K-O commented on 13th Oct 2012 (Report Spam)
I don`t know, it seems to be too skinny and if a dragon is skinny it might fall over when you order it. Sorry.
Cris1r commented on 1st Oct 2012 (Report Spam)
I would soo get one x3333
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