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About My Design
Unidobe is a rarely-seen mythical canine beast that was recruited by the dogs to help fight the cats because they heard she was capable of creating powerful magic. Personality wise, she's just like a typical doberman pinscher, meaning she's very very silly, and very very friendly. She'd much rather lick a cat to death than do anything deliberately mean or vicious and this is reflected in the type of moves she uses in addition to firing her various magic spells. The problem is she's so big and strong, partictuarly in her final form, that she just can't help causing damage. Her original form is similar to a pony, but as she levels up, she can take the form of an elegant Arabian, then finally, a huge draft horse-type form. Each form has similar moves, but her Arabian form focuses on speed and agility and her drafter form on power, yet all still have the typical happy doberman attitude (the idea was to create something non-stereotypical).