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by Dozer from NY, United States
Submitted on 23rd Jun 2010
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About My Design
Lump is the second series of cute sculpey guys. He is kind of self explanatory.
taolo commented on 20th Sep 2010 (Report Spam)
not my style
CadmiumDrake commented on 17th Sep 2010 (Report Spam)
lump of coal? lol cool
Polyester commented on 20th Jul 2010 (Report Spam)
i think with refinement, he/she could be a cute toy.
Dreamkeepers commented on 2nd Jul 2010 (Report Spam)
It's really cool that you're making these yourself and posting real finished products. Cool!
Dozer commented on 23rd Jun 2010 (Report Spam)

Thanks for the comment. In regards to the colors. I believe half my problem is my lack of familiarity with cameras. I was trained in illustration not photography. Not to make excuses for myself, but I will be improving my pictures as I gain familiarity.

Polysoup commented on 23rd Jun 2010 (Report Spam)

Of all the designs you just deposited onto the site this is probably my favorite. Would be nice to see a little more cleaner colors but the face is awesome.

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