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by SilverFox from CO, United States
Submitted on 14th Oct 2009
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Riyoko's ascension is something anyone can experience if you try. Ever feel stuck in a rut or wish for better things. Instead of wishing... make it happen. If you can't stand the way things are, take yourself to higher and better places.

KaiVii commented on 3rd Sep 2010 (Report Spam)
I want xD
Autumpool commented on 31st Jul 2010 (Report Spam)
SilverFox commented on 14th Jul 2010 (Report Spam)

Thank you all for further comments.

And previously asked, yes there is a short tail between the wings the same color as her body.

Mego commented on 14th Jul 2010 (Report Spam)
I have always loved this picture X3 ans think it would be amassing sitting on a desk. because it is beautiful and inspiring picture and would be even more amassing as a figurine
Dreamkeepers commented on 22nd Jun 2010 (Report Spam)
This is so elaborate and beautiful, I'd love it as a hanging piece. Thank you for showing your blues on this.
Elfenn commented on 12th Jun 2010 (Report Spam)

That's wonderful, really ! So much detals, such a beautiful pose and such a hopeful description !

Riala commented on 13th May 2010 (Report Spam)
Wow, just wow. I love the detail of this design.
SilverFox commented on 27th Apr 2010 (Report Spam)

Okay, since I'm not sure how to delete some reference pictures, I think reposting new modifications will make the design a bit crowded. So, yes, I agree that now the stand makes the figurine look off balance. So, I likewise agree that the new stand placement would be just above the pubic area but still below the navel.

Thank you guys for your input. Unfortunately, I don't see this design becoming a figurine anytime soon. If it does, I will make sure to request the new stand placement.

Thanks again!

o0AquaDragon0o commented on 18th Mar 2010 (Report Spam)

One last question, does she have a tail? Covered by the wings or is it just wings and no tail? Just wondering.

samotage commented on 17th Mar 2010 (Report Spam)

Aqua, you need to chill out. Mouse was not rude or disrespectful. They might have been a little more forceful than you'd like, but I think they were really quite civil.

YOU were the one who accused the rest of us of "having dirty minds," then basically said our opinions were worthless, then inferred that we were immature! So if anyone can be accused of being "disrespectful," it's you.

You say "NO ONE is going to be paying attention to where the stand is with such a detailed figurine," but again, I disagree. The fact that three of us PAID attention already disproves your point. I have personally never seen a figure with the pole coming out f the crotch, but if I did I would probably think the same thing as I did in this case. Even if the pole is clear, it's not invisible, and therefore it looks like something's coming out of her crotch. Which is suggestive.


SilverFox: I can see where Aqua is coming from about the new pole position looking off balance. I think the ideal position would be roughly between the two positions you've already got :3 Balance-wise, the crotch IS the best place for the pole, but to keep it from looking sexual we can't put it there xD; SO I think slightly above the pubic region would be your next best bet :v

o0AquaDragon0o commented on 16th Mar 2010 (Report Spam)

Wow, no need to be disrespectful and rude just because you disagree on my opinion. My opinion stands, who cares where the pole is placed? NO ONE is going to be paying attention to where the stand is with such a detailed figurine, honestly my atention goes straight to the wings and face. It would not be noticeable especially if the stand was made transparent. It has everything to do with maturity level when it comes to this.


A LOT of figures that I've seen have a pole coming out of similar area's. No one complains about those. Next time you write a comment don't make ME sound like the bad person, because not in the LEAST bit did I even hint that I was "better than everyone else".  Jerk. Word your commentary a BIT more respectful next time instead of assuming things. I am offended.


Back to the figure.. I dunno. The new spot for the stand makes it look VERY off center and unbalanced. Too heavy on one side.

Childofcultures commented on 10th Mar 2010 (Report Spam)
SilverFox commented on 5th Feb 2010 (Report Spam)

For all who were complaining or expressing their concern to whre the clear stand would be placed I have reuploaded the two alternate views. I edited quickly where people have suggested to replace the stand to prevent insinuations.

Though, I'm not sure if I can remove the previous two images, can I?

astroskink commented on 10th Jan 2010 (Report Spam)

AquaDragon, why should SilverFox just "ignore" the comments about the stand coming out of the crotch? Are our opinions less valid than yours? The fact that multiple people have expressed concern over it means that this is a valid problem. It's not a matter of having a dirty mind- the fact is you have here a statue where the character has a rapturous expression and a giant pole coming out of/ going into her crotch. You don't need to have a dirty mind to find that suggestive. Though this is a pretty design, with the current pole positioning, this is NOT something I'd want displayed in my home when family or friends come around to visit.

Twitchin commented on 19th Dec 2009 (Report Spam)
this is just simply gorgeous. i love it
luar commented on 7th Dec 2009 (Report Spam)
The movement is amazing. I'd love it hanging from my ceiling or something... hehe
o0AquaDragon0o commented on 19th Nov 2009 (Report Spam)
Love it, and my opinion is ignore the comments not liking the stand coming out of the crotch. Just make the pole transparent or something, and people need to stop with the dirty mind. If they're mature, they'd spend less time giggling at where the stand is placed, and more time admiring the mind-boggling beauty and detail of the design. I'd totally buy this. Though as a suggestion, you should probably make an alternate so it is also able to hang. It would look lovely flying to the ceiling.
BlackRat commented on 14th Nov 2009 (Report Spam)
howlinwolfie commented on 13th Nov 2009 (Report Spam)
beautiful love the detail
Vaeltaja commented on 27th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
Beautiful and elegant, wings are gorgeous. I would love to have this one on my table <3
kaiyodei commented on 25th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
I think this could be super great if there was a good sized one for a hanging decoration the stand, where you put it in looks a bit suggestive.
DarkGryph commented on 22nd Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
Beautiful and elegant. I love all of the details
SilverFox commented on 22nd Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
Samotage - I can always have the stand raised to the abdomen or something... that's just where I scribbled it last moment. Glad the alt views helped. As for the jewelry, wire is a great suggestion. If it doesn't work, they don't have to include it I suppose. Thanks for the feedback.
samotage commented on 22nd Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
I'm glad you uploaded alternate views, though I feel like the stand coming out of her crotch is... really awkward. Also, since you haven't addressed this yet, what do you want all the necklace-type things to be made of? Wire?
Wolfsong442 commented on 22nd Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
Usually I despise anthros, but this is beyond gorgeous.
ScribblerRigby commented on 21st Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
Honestly, I'm usually not a fan of super-human anthros, but the pose and detail sell this one! I'll splurge on this one, definitely - it's lovely!
pirpintine commented on 21st Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
its beautiful! good luck! :D
Laken-SteelJaw commented on 18th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
I would display this lovely lass in my home for sure! Her pose is striking!
Silv commented on 18th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
Bloody gorgeous, that's all I'm saying xD
Rabids commented on 17th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
SilverFox commented on 17th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
All right, I've heard it enough times. Yes! I will try and upload an alternate view sketch that includes a stand to make this more fathomable. Enough people have said it, the point is across.
KOIcat commented on 16th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
I like it, 4! I see a lot of transition problems (transitioning from the drawing to a physical form), all of which have already been mentioned by the other commentors. Overall I think it's a nice piece and would probably rather it be on a poster! But, if a clear stand (like mentioned previously) was added, I could definately see this as a nice little scultpure.
Pufihead commented on 15th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
I'm sure they can figure out the stand themselves, this would make a great figurine.
Sablesage commented on 15th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
Of all the submissions on this sight, this is the only one I can truly see as a sculpture. The refined lines, delicate yet emotive body, and eccentric pose scream sculpture! The color choice is simplistic, yet there is a flare of wildness, which would highlight this piece as a sculpture. The wings are gorgeous, and would be a beautiful addition to an already divine sculpture. This piece EMBODIES all that is SCULPTURE!
SunGryphon commented on 15th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
I could see this mounted on some kind of clear stand so that there's no question Riyoko is totally skybound.
KovuKora commented on 15th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
Gorgeous design! But like it's been mentioned before, I'm not sure about this translating to a figurine. But this would look lovely as a print or a shirt.
Gatekat commented on 15th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
She's gorgeous. I'd so buy a figurine of this.
Jessanessamessa commented on 15th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
Maybe with a stand; or as a clip I'd love this :) I'd also die for a plush toy but that'd be complex aha.
Foxphillix commented on 15th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
Stand or not, it would make an awesome figurine :3
iridogorgia commented on 15th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
Also confused about how this would be a figurine. Some clouds swirling around it's feet would be a good start for a base, but maybe too generic.
fydbac commented on 15th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
I love the details in the wings! Not sure how the figurine would stand though. I would have loved more views of it.
Tawawawa commented on 15th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
It's very well drawn but... I'm not sure how this would work as a figurine. Something like this would work better as a print.
doggy90 commented on 15th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
this would be so cool to have!X3
Paint commented on 15th Oct 2009 (Report Spam)
This is a lovely piece of art, but I'm confused as to how it would translate well into a figurine? It would definitely need a stand, and the beads might be difficult haha.
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