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Corp. Hurt
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Submitted on 23rd Sep 2008
Comments : 9 comment(s)
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lead, follow, or call the medic...
flim commented on 1st Feb 2009 (Report Spam)
hah coolness :D
Editor commented on 9th Jan 2009 (Report Spam)
This is very good. Itd be a great figure haha great style design and colour nice work!
SergioMancini commented on 18th Dec 2008 (Report Spam)
very, very amazing
Sevensheaven commented on 17th Nov 2008 (Report Spam)
Great concept and artwork!
Seergio commented on 30th Sep 2008 (Report Spam)
coll mr patato next generation
Ryanbrown commented on 30th Sep 2008 (Report Spam)
great toys for the army
petersmom commented on 25th Sep 2008 (Report Spam)
he is very cute, still smile with even a knife stick in him. I like the concept. but I am getting confused with your other massive output, in my opinion, it will be better to let people to recognize your style and design for toy by putting more selected, your best design on here.
chuckmate commented on 24th Sep 2008 (Report Spam)
hehe... thanks mate. I appreciate the support.
VISEone commented on 23rd Sep 2008 (Report Spam)
Oh chuckmate - I have to be 24/7 online to vote on your massive output... This fella here is definitely one of my favorites besides the incredible BUNNYRAFFE. Corp.Hurt for TOY!
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