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by Cysco
Submitted on 24th Nov 2010
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About My Design

Welcome to the Nicodemus Freak Show Circus, first up in the center of the stage is the beloved ring leader, Avocet DeVyne. A fallen angel stuck here by the chains of fate, but happy to entertain with her balancing and contortionist acts. Avocet is one of my long loved original characters from a story of mine known as Clandestine Fairytale.

ScaredyAsh006 commented on 3rd Jan 2011 (Report Spam)

Well, I think you kinda chose the colors right.  I mean, you stuck with warm colors, so I give you pointers for that.  I also think you should choose a different pose, then this would be an epic piece!!

Snarky commented on 28th Nov 2010 (Report Spam)
Try a more dynamic pose. this reeks of blandness.On top of that don't slap colors together at random because that makes it an eyesore. Remember that contrast is your friend.
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