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The Mysterious Mini Mitz!
by Electrosponge from NY, United States
Toy > Plush
Submitted on 28th Feb 2011
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About My Design

What exactly is a Mitz? Is it a girl disguised as a little monster? Or a monster disguised as a little girl? You decide.

Redrose97 commented on 31st Aug 2013 (Report Spam)
love it, I'd buy it
Khia-Jackson commented on 1st Apr 2011 (Report Spam)
Love this!
Elfenn commented on 5th Mar 2011 (Report Spam)

Oops sorry, I hadn't seen it was in the toy category :s

Electrosponge commented on 4th Mar 2011 (Report Spam)


Concerning the pose, this design under the catergory of plush.So unlike a vinyl or resin, it wouldn't need support for it's legs.

Elfenn commented on 4th Mar 2011 (Report Spam)

My favourite is the second one of your alternative colors, but perhaps would it be better if the face was lightly clearer. For the red ones, I suggest you to choose a darker red, I think it could be better.

We haven't talked about the pose : will the figure stand ? With such feet I fear it wouldn't... Do you want to make her a support ?

Still on my idea of a monster disguised as a little girl, I'm thinking about a Halloween for monsters, when monsters disguised in children go from door to door to ask "trick or treat"... I would see well a box with candies, in her hands :p

Ruuza commented on 3rd Mar 2011 (Report Spam)
I probarly woudent buy it because I am not a collector of human designs,everyone has there own taste of what they like right ^^ but I do respect that other people do like this and would love to buy it,I think the design somehow looks cute but also creepy which makes it interesting,so I think you did a good job on this and I wish you alot of good luck with this design ^^
carens commented on 3rd Mar 2011 (Report Spam)
I dont know,this is something I have seen before,or close to this design....
anakondalover commented on 3rd Mar 2011 (Report Spam)
not sumthing i would like on my desk or see anywhere else! boring pose to simple
Electrosponge commented on 2nd Mar 2011 (Report Spam)

Posting Alternate colors for design.

Attachment :-

Zonkey commented on 2nd Mar 2011 (Report Spam)

If you go into photoshop, where the layers are there is a way of changing them so they act differently. The layer will say Normal, you want to change it to Multiply then you put new layers UNDER the multipy layer. When you colour under that layer it will remove the white (and darken some of the other colour). Basically Multiply will negate white from that layer. If you want the opposite effect and negate black you change it to screen. There are colour burn and dodge versions that play with the colours too. I suggest you give it a try. :3

Attachment :-

Corvid337 commented on 1st Mar 2011 (Report Spam)

Very nice design. The first thing i thought of when I saw this was 1920's, you definitely pulled it off very well. I happen to like the original B&W version.

Electrosponge commented on 1st Mar 2011 (Report Spam)

@Zonkey, another question.How did you darken the face in the first picture? Did  you use the burn tool or overlay a gray tone on a different layer?

Electrosponge commented on 1st Mar 2011 (Report Spam)

Zonkey, that visual refrence you uploaded is really helpful! I actually like how the Mitz looks with the adjusted tone.I actually kinda see the point that Foxbane made concernng the relation between the white of the face and the hood.

While developing this design , one of the colors I experimented with was red.The thing is though, when the color was added to the hood,it actually made the face stand out stronger, but I wanted to keep a monotone design.

Maybe I'll reconsider and due a red version, but in the meantime, I really like your suggestion because by changing the tones, I still keep a muted figure, but the face stands out more.

Attachment :-

Zonkey commented on 1st Mar 2011 (Report Spam)

LOL I guess I'll through my two cents in too. Instead of adding colour, I would add another tone. Maybe make either the face OR the body a light or mid tone grey. Or maybe add grey spots to the body. That way you keep the black and white feel but you have more unity bettween the face and body. :)

Attachment :-

Elfenn commented on 1st Mar 2011 (Report Spam)

I DO see a monster disguised as a little girl :p Charming retro design, simple but very suggestive (in the way it makes the imagination working, not in the weird way). For the colors, I would keep that black/white theme but perhaps insist on the fade purple on the face.

Foxbane commented on 1st Mar 2011 (Report Spam)

This has a lot of charm. I really appreciate your inspiration in this one. You've also managed to make the pierrot look NOT creepy and instead it's whimsical and attractive. Just thinking about the colours, I understand why you've used the black and white - but I am seeing a little bit of a clash between the skin and the hood because they're both (mostly) white. You've managed to remove a lot of this effect by framing the face with the hair but there are some places, like directly above the outer tips of the eyebrows, where the hair-border is at its thinnest, where the white of the face seems so close to the white of the hood. I'm not quite sure whether the solution here would be to alter the shape of the hair or to give in and add some colour. =/

Electrosponge commented on 28th Feb 2011 (Report Spam)

Thanks for the comment Snarky! With this particular design though,I wanted to keep the colors muted since it was inspired by the 1920's black & white cinema stars(Clara bow,Helen Kane,Louise Brooks) and pierrot the clown.

I do however, have several other designs that use use the "Snaggle" template

Snarky commented on 28th Feb 2011 (Report Spam)
Every time you put up a design like this I fall a little bit more in love with you. I feel like this one in particular needs a bit more color, possibly rosy cheeks or blue eyes or something. I think you should continue designing monsters like this and the snaggle bros. because as it stands they already look like something I would expect to find on Kidrobot
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