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Striped Camilla
by Mellie from FL, United States
Challenge > Childhood Story
Submitted on 10th Jul 2010
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About My Design

This is my interpretation of the character Camilla Cream from the childhood story "A bad case of stripes". My objective was to imagine the character as a teenage girl who was never cured from her stripe disease. Everyone thought she was weird because of how she looked, but at the end she didn't care anymore. She ended up moving on with her life and embracing the fact that she was different.

Papo commented on 23rd Dec 2010 (Report Spam)
Tout simplement impressionnant !
Sketchkat commented on 18th Aug 2010 (Report Spam)
Usually I'm not a fan of human-like figures, but I like the colours and the choice of clothes (aside from the skirt, which blends in too much with her skin) I can imagine her sitting on a shelf-edge, but perhaps if you change her head angle like she's looking down to the side, rather than straight on, it may look more appealing/mysterious (to those who havn't heard this story at least)
Ananda98777 commented on 8th Aug 2010 (Report Spam)
Very cool. She is really adorable.
Shift commented on 29th Jul 2010 (Report Spam)

Overall, I really like the design. Perhaps it's my newness to Patch Together, but I thought the idea of working from that particular story was brilliant. It was one of my favorites when I was six or so, so I guess this really struck a chord in my memories.

DeeDee commented on 23rd Jul 2010 (Report Spam)
astroskink commented on 19th Jul 2010 (Report Spam)
I like the idea of a brightly coloured woman, but this just isn't interesting enough. The pose is too boring; try putting some movement into the figure to spice it up, and perhaps change her attire a little? The whole goth/ emo thing is too cliche.
lolgirl8 commented on 16th Jul 2010 (Report Spam)
Not bad, a bit to much colour on the skirt considering that the skin is very colourfull. It would be a nice t-shirt desighn though.
SilverFox commented on 13th Jul 2010 (Report Spam)
Now here is a unique coloring palette. The smooth gradient transitions are eyecatching. The pose overall seems a little bland and not too dynamic. The character design is fresh and interesting. Nice job.
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