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Mini Reaper
by RiiZ from DE, United States
Submitted on 31st Dec 2009
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About My Design

Looks like death is collecting souls again, is your soul next? Original design of a pocket sized grim reaper that I call, Magorrian (Maggie for short) He may not look like much of a threat to be a reaper, but don't let his cute looks fool you, he'll steal your soul in a second.

Rykitsu commented on 23rd Dec 2010 (Report Spam)
i would love to have a little maggie :3
Xtatick commented on 3rd Mar 2010 (Report Spam)

Awesome. I love the ghost a lot and his smile.

IonAmon commented on 6th Jan 2010 (Report Spam)
I think this would be particularly interesting if the ghost parts were clear.
CautionCat commented on 5th Jan 2010 (Report Spam)

I like the ghost more than the character.. much more flowy and has more life in it than the guy standing there. Would make an interesting figure however.

Good luck!

RiiZ commented on 5th Jan 2010 (Report Spam)

I planned for him to be alone (but it felt rather.... empty?) so I had to add the ghost lol

Jordan-C commented on 5th Jan 2010 (Report Spam)
Can we get just the character, no ghosty?
TempestChime commented on 4th Jan 2010 (Report Spam)
I would love to see how this would be made! Looks awesome
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