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Dog and Cat character design for upcoming iPhone App

Are you a fan of cats and dogs? Please help us design the characters in an upcoming iOS game.


Theme of game: A cats vs. dogs fighting game

Character requirements: Simple 2D cat and dog character, be creative! A cat with human legs? A cat with wings? Or dog with Godzilla body parts! There is really no boundary for the characters as long as they are cat or dog related. Simple, strange, fun, anything goes! So surprise us!

Design deliveries: Please submit an image for basic character design, plus images of how your character might attack,walk, and so on. There is level upgrades for the characters in game, so show us what your character will look like after being upgraded to max level. Don’t forget to include a short story of the character when you submit.

Color & Format: Black and White. Line drawing/vector illustration. 2D.

Prize & reward: Get recognized! On top of having tons of fun designing the character and getting involved in  APP development process, your name will also be credited as the artist in character info section in the APP!
You will also win a Chumbuddy sleeping bag!

Deadline: Please submit designs by May 1st.


Start Date: 29th Mar 2013; Ended on: 1st May 2013; Status: Closed, Awaiting Result